Does your company or education institute have lazy data, which are collected continuously but not yet utilized in it's full potential?
Do you feel like you have only part of the information available for your decisions because the information is scattered in different systems and silos?
Or perhaps you have already connected IoT devices but not yet good solution to utilize the new data

Data and analytics are the cornerstones of digitalization. We can help you to utilize data analytics where it matters to you most, for example


Utilizing data in new ways for decisions and actions:
- Combining data from different sources
- Development of real time dashboards
- Development of predictions
- Tools to support decision making and actions
- Both for businesses and for education institutes

Developing current products
and services

Data analytics of connected IoT devices and digital service processes:
- Operations and production management
- Quality control and traceability
- Predictive maintenance
- Improvement of customer services
- Supporting students at education institutes

Forming new services
and business models

Data analytics and digitalization eneble new services and ways of work, such as:
- Remote monitoring of equipment and processes
- Predictive maintenance and spare part services
- Warranty extensions and life cycle management
- Or changing the whole business model from products to services


We will investigate and brainstorm with you the digitalization opportunities in your business or education institute.
We offer clear concepting and pre-study service packages with concrete deliverables.


Digitalization pre-study and roadmap

We will have a workshop with you, interview your key people and work out with you a roadmap of your digitalization needs and ideas.
Roadmap is a scheduled high level plan for way forward. Every item in roadmap will have a concrete summary of content and goals.
Topics for the pre-study and planning will be chosen according to your interests and priorities.

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Data analytics concept pre-study

We will choose together the subject for which we will work out the concept covering:
- Sharpening of the chosen objective
- Questions to be answered by data
- Data availability and sources
- Applicability of different data analytics methods
- Decisions and actions to be made with new insights from data
- Plan for agile solution development

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IoT concept pre-study

We will work out with you an IoT-concept from your initial idea, covering:
- Goals and value proposition of the service - are we creating new business or improving existing
- Customer and user
- Business model and potential
- Architecture and technology feasibility
- We will cover the advanced sensors and wireless solutions with our IoT partner
- Plan for agile solution development

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We will bring to your project our versatile know-how and after the pre-study we can offer the development project.


Implementation of the data analytics concept

We will develop the concepts which were defined at the pre-study phase in an agile way and by utilizing our partner network.
If you have an idea which is ready for implementation right away, let's go straight for that and skip the pre-study!


Here examples of our projects. Contact us and we will tell you more of our capabilities.

Applying Data Analytics for improving graduation in vocational education

We developed a solution which utilizes analytics in a new way and piloted it to learn how education institute can support students to graduate. Pilot was done in co-operation with Tredu, Tampere Vocational College.

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Education Analytics White paper

We produced together with Microsoft in Education team a White paper, explaining how schools and school systems can utilize advanced data analytics to better achieve the goals in education.

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Service concept for improving graduation in University of applied sciences

Definition of new digital service for the use of tutor personnel; how studies are progressing and which students need steering and support. Improvement proposals for ways of work and recommendations for the architecture and technologies.

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Definition of new service packages for an accounting service company

Driving for clear and easy to buy accounting service packages for start-up companies. Project included definition of service content, pricing and testing with new customers.

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Cloud environment and application for IoT-solution demonstration

Cloud based application developed on Microsoft Azure platform to demonstrate different use case scenarios based on data from IoT sensors.

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Data analytics concept pre-study to improve a cloud service by applying artificial intelligence

Service concept wireframe model, data analyses and technology pre-study on a solution which improves the quality and speed of decisions about initiatives by applying artificial intelligence in cloud service.

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Efficiency improvements for force measurement product test data analyses

Project delivering definition and partially already implementation of more efficient tools and practices for managing and analyzing force measurement product test data. Also product key performance indicators were defined.

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Steamlane at SETT Finland 2018 on Fri 14th of Sep 2018

- 13th of Sep 2018 -
SETT is the largest event of modern and innovative learning in the Nordic countries and it arrives to the Messukeskus Helsinki 13th-14th of Sep 2018.
Steamlane Miikka Merilahti will be on stage on Fri 14th of Sep telling how we helped Espoo to move on applying analytics in education.
More information on the program from SETT Finland 2018 event web pages.

TAMK IoT-seminar and fair 18th-19th of April 2018

- 16th of April 2018 -
Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) arranges in their premises an IoT-seminar and fair during 18th-19th of April 2018.
Steamlane will be the whole fair at the stand E10 and speaking about "IoT and data analytics in predictive maintenance" Wed 18th 16.45-17.15 (Auditorio D1-02).
Event is free to participate for all who are interested.
More information on the event from TAMK web pages (in Finnish).

Hack the Glass

- 1st of Nov 2017 -
Glaston, frontrunner in glass processing technologies and services, arranges Hack the Glass – hackathon event October 31–November 1, 2017.
Steamlane participates the hackathon to innovate new digitalization solutions for machine industry.
More information on the event in Glaston press release.

Tekes innovation voucher

- 16th of Oct 2017 -
Steamlane services 1, 2 ja 3 can now be purchased also with Tekes innovation voucher.
Please contact us and let's agree project fitting to your needs.
You can find more information on innovation vouchers from Tekes web pages.

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