Does your company or education institute have lazy data, which are collected continuously but not yet utilized in it's full potential?
Do you feel like you have only part of the information available for your decisions because the information is scattered in different systems and silos?
Or perhaps you have already connected IoT devices but not yet good solution to utilize the new data

Data and analytics are the cornerstones of digitalization. We can help you to utilize data analytics where it matters to you most, for example


Utilizing data in new ways for decisions and actions:
- Combining data from different sources
- Development of real time dashboards
- Development of predictions
- Tools to support decision making and actions
- Both for businesses and for education institutes

Developing current products
and services

Data analytics of connected IoT devices and digital service processes:
- Operations and production management
- Quality control and traceability
- Predictive maintenance
- Improvement of customer services
- Supporting students at education institutes

Forming new services
and business models

Data analytics and digitalization eneble new services and ways of work, such as:
- Remote monitoring of equipment and processes
- Predictive maintenance and spare part services
- Warranty extensions and life cycle management
- Or changing the whole business model from products to services

Data Clinic

Many organizations lack competencies or resources for innovative utilization of data. That slows down or prevents them to develop current operations or completely new services by methods of analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. For those needs we offer Data Clinic-service. It is three phase project, which proceeds from an idea to implementation fast and in small steps, in a data driven way.



Objectives and questions to data

We will have with you a workshop to work out:
- Selection of an objective and expected benefits
- The most important use cases and users
- Questions to data
- Available data sources and data

After this phase we have chosen a subject for data driven development and defined key elements for the solution


Data analysis

Is data able to answer to questions

Based on the workshop we'll make a data analysis:
- Selection of use case to be analysed
- Analysis of data content and quality
- Is data adequate for teaching the AI
- Choosing the approach for implementation

After this phase we have gained understanding of feasibility to implement the data driven solution



Implementation and experiment in practice

PoC for selected data-analytics solution:
- Data model, cleansing and refinement of the data
- Data visualization
- Machine learning experiment
- Statistical analysis
- Expert reviews and user trials

After this phase we have gained understanding of solution functionality in practice and have basis for the productization

We will bring to your project our versatile know-how and after the Data Clinic we can offer the operative deployment.



Here examples of our projects. Contact us and we will tell you more of our capabilities.

Applying Data Analytics for improving graduation in vocational education

We developed a solution which utilizes analytics in a new way and piloted it to learn how education institute can support students to graduate. Pilot was done in co-operation with Tredu, Tampere Vocational College.

Learn more

Education Analytics White paper

We produced together with Microsoft in Education team a White paper, explaining how schools and school systems can utilize advanced data analytics to better achieve the goals in education.

Learn more

Service concept for improving graduation in University of applied sciences

Definition of new digital service for the use of tutor personnel; how studies are progressing and which students need steering and support. Improvement proposals for ways of work and recommendations for the architecture and technologies.

Learn more

Definition of new service packages for an accounting service company

Driving for clear and easy to buy accounting service packages for start-up companies. Project included definition of service content, pricing and testing with new customers.

Learn more

Cloud environment and application for IoT-solution demonstration

Cloud based application developed on Microsoft Azure platform to demonstrate different use case scenarios based on data from IoT sensors.

Learn more

Data analytics concept pre-study to improve a cloud service by applying artificial intelligence

Service concept wireframe model, data analyses and technology pre-study on a solution which improves the quality and speed of decisions about initiatives by applying artificial intelligence in cloud service.

Learn more

Efficiency improvements for force measurement product test data analyses

Project delivering definition and partially already implementation of more efficient tools and practices for managing and analyzing force measurement product test data. Also product key performance indicators were defined.

Learn more

IoT cloud environment and application for predictive monitoring of pump stations - pilot

Steamlane delivered with it's partner Treon an IoT-pilot for predictive condition monitoring in Tampere Water clean water pumping station and City of Tampere stormwater pumping station.

Learn more

Dataclinic for air quality measurements at schools and day care centers

Three phase project: 1. Workshop 2. Data-analyses 3. Proof-of-Concept, to develop ideas and test new solutions for air quality measurements and analyses at schools and day care centers.

Learn more


Steamlane is now member of PSK Standards Association (PSK Standardisointi)

- 6th of May 2019 -
PSK Standards Association is common development unit for industrial and supporting companies. The target of PSK is to support members in their national and international business by standardization and training. Membership companies of PSK Standards Association represent industry comprehensively, related business, research, development and education. Steamlane applies PSK standards e.g. in condition monitoring of industrial machines.
More information on the association PSK Standards Association web pages.

Make the data work for your benefit – agile experiment of Steamlane Data Clinic

- 13th of March 2019 -
Read the story of Steamlane Data Clinic to Loopshore air quality measurement services, which we announced earlier in our news.
Interview at Business Tampere web pages (in Finnish).

TAMK IoT-Seminar 13th-14th of March 2019

- 11th of March 2019 -
Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) arranges in their premises an IoT-seminar during 13th-14th of March 2019.
Steamlane will be there as City IoT pilot partner at Business Tampere stand.
Event is free to participate for all who are interested.
More information and registration at event web pages (in Finnish).

Open job positions: Lead Architect and Full Stack Developer

- 26th of Feb 2019 -
We are searching for two new members to our team in Tampere Hermia. These are excellent opportunities for you who have already experience in SW development and want to extend your competencies into machine learning, AI and Microsoft Azure.
More information behind links: Lead Architect and Full Stack Developer.
Questions and applications:

Agile experiments deliver results in Tampere

- 26th of Feb 2019 -
The Smart Tampere agile experiments combine the needs of the city with the solutions provided by companies. Together Steamlane, the City of Tampere and Tampere Water were able to produce useful information about the functioning of a stormwater pump station. A case example of Steamlane IoT solution in the area of preventive condition monitoring and maintenance. More information at Smart Tampere web pages.

Tomorrow’s growth is created today: agile experiments promote useful business tools

- 14th of Feb 2019 -
Business Tampere organized "Collaboration to Growth: agile experiments" program where Steamlane made Data Clinic -project to Loopshore, who develops advanced measurement solutions for indoor and outdoor air quality. Steamlane wants to productize data driven solution development to a Data Clinic -project which is easy to buy. We had an opportunity to trial this with Loopshore in their real need. More information at Business Tampere web pages.

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